We spend significant time researching and developing investment theses in sub-sectors and themes with compelling investment attributes. Below is a sample of some of our thinking around specific areas of interest within our core industry focus areas.

Managed IT Services THesis

IT Managed Services Providers (“MSPs”) and Cloud Services Providers (“CSPs”) are well positioned to continue to grow rapidly, driven by shifting technology stacks and greater demand for fully managed solutions.

Fitness & GYM market landscape

Health and wellness is one of the major consumer movements of the decade, and fitness is a key component. Following a review of the broader trends, NB Group determined that gyms represent one of the most attractive areas for investment. We outline our view on the gym market landscape, business model attributes, and the thesis we have invested behind through CR Fitness, one of our portfolio companies. 

In addition to the sectors outlined above, we have completed research into and are proactively targeting the following sectors:

  • Retail services concepts, both franchised and non-franchised

  • Boutique fitness operators

  • Office Equipment Dealers and Managed Print Services providers

  • Telecom and IT services providers (voice, data, networking, security, disaster recovery, etc. services for business customers)

  • Niche enterprise software, including companies targeting the HR, insurance, and public safety sectors among other end markets

  • Express car wash operators