NB Group invests $10-100M of total capital in companies with $2-15M+ of EBITDA.  Our preference is for control (51%+ ownership) or significant minority recapitalization, but we are flexible and customize every transaction. While we do not look to operate companies day-to-day, we are active investors who work closely with management teams to help grow businesses. Unlike a traditional private equity firm, we only focus on a handful of opportunities at a given time, which allows us to be a more valuable resource to our portfolio companies.


  • Buyouts / majority recapitalizations

  • Minority recapitalizations (details here)

  • Corporate carve-outs / divestitures

  • Industry consolidations through rollups


  • Consumer & Retail

  • Technology & Telecommunications

  • Business Services

We consider all opportunities in these sectors, but focus most closely on a varying set of sub-segments at any given time (see Insights). 


Company Characteristics

  • Growing revenue base with recurring characteristics

  • Strong competitive position

  • Loyal customer base with limited concentration

  • Attractive unit economics

  • Multiple growth levers

Financial Profile

  • $10M or greater revenue and growing

  • $2-15M+ EBITDA

  • 10%+ EBITDA margins

  • Low to moderate capital expenditure

Industry Attributes

  • Low cyclicality, non "fad-driven"

  • Industries undergoing some type of transition or with tailwinds that create growth opportunities

  • Niche or fragmented industries without dominant players, opportunity to consolidate

Management Qualities

  • Existing management team with desire to remain, or willingness to help transition to new leadership

  • Ability for NBG to add value by working collaboratively with the management team, including enhancing the Board and making strategic hires