NB Group is a differentiated lower middle market private equity firm. We aim to be a highly responsive, trusted, and thoughtful partner to the intermediaries who share opportunities with us.

Large Cap Skill Set: Our Partners bring a "large cap skill set" to the lower middle market, providing professionalism, thoughtful analysis, and quick feedback to intermediaries and their clients.

Patience & Flexibility: we work patiently with you to customize a transaction to fit a Seller's objectives. We don’t have a fixed structure for investments and have flexible capital to enable customization.

Industry Knowledge: we have deep operating and investing experience in our target industries, which we leverage to evaluate deals quickly and to help accelerate the businesses we partner with.

Senior Level Attention: sellers and intermediaries deal directly only with our two partners, ensuring you always have the attention and focus of our firm’s decision makers.

Small Portfolio & Value Addition: unlike most private equity firms, we only invest in 3-5 companies at a time. This enables to dedicate a substantial amount of time to working hands-on with the companies we invest in. Some of our key capabilities are listed below. Additionally, our focused approach means we can dedicate all of our time and resources pre-close to ensuring that a transaction gets across the finish line.

  • Strategy development and strategic planning

  • Financial management and reporting

  • Operational efficiency analysis

  • Acquisition evaluation and execution

  • Team building

  • Financing strategy to support growth

In addition to participating in formal sell-side processes, we are open to bespoke introductions to companies in exchange for a buy-side success fee. Our template fee agreement is found here.