We set ourselves apart from other firms by taking an entrepreneurial approach to private equity.

Limited Portfolio: in contrast to larger firms with a dozen or more investments, we intentionally keep our portfolio small so that we can focus on adding value to each of our companies rather than constant dealmaking.

Small Team: many firms have large teams with layers of Analysts, VPs, and Partners. Our team is small, enabling quick decisions and ensuring that you are only dealing with decision makers.

Customized Transactions: we work patiently to customize a transaction to fit your objectives as a manager/owner, whether it is exiting the business or partnering for future growth. We don’t have a fixed structure for investments.

Industry Knowledge: we have deep operating and investing experience in our target industries, which we can use to help accelerate the businesses we partner with.

Growth Orientation: unlike many private equity investors who try to make money through financial engineering or cost cutting, we aim to generate most of our investment returns through business growth. Our preference is to invest in growing businesses and/or businesses where we can accelerate the growth rate.   

Partnering with Management: our Principals have a mix of operational, investing, and consulting experience with both small and large companies. We draw on this experience to add value to our companies, but do not involve ourselves in day-to-day operations. Key capabilities include:

  • Strategy development and strategic planning

  • Financial management and reporting

  • Operational efficiency analysis

  • Acquisition evaluation and execution

  • Team building

  • Financing strategy to support growth

    Do you want to bring on an investment partner but maintain control of your growing business? NBG’s minority recapitalization strategy may be a compelling option for you. Click here to find out more.